What does pinDeliver do?

pinDeliver is the delivery system that makes last mile logistics more efficient by offering support for:

It doesn’t matter if you have 50 or 500 stops on the same distribution list. pinDeliver optimizes the route from given prerequisites and gives you the best conceivable routes to deliver to all recipients as quickly as possible. You save time and money both in the planning work and when the goods are distributed.


The distribution work itself is highly communication-intensive. The driver needs to know their route and be able to make changes and report deviations, the recipient wants to know their delivery time och transportation managers and customer service need to keep abreast of everything. All information in the system, which is platform-independent, is dispatched in real time.


pinDeliver provides visual driving assistence to the driver which makes the driving time more efficient and reduces the risk of wasted journeys. Thanks to the optimized planning and the communication support the time slot for delivery is also minimized, as is the total delivery time and the environmental impact.

Follow up

Apart from real-time follow-up of routes there is support for follow-up of all information that is generated in the system before, during and after the delivery. You acquire control of your delivery process, and administration time, which today is spent on deviation investigation reports and billing details, is reduced.

About pinDeliver

Join the last mile revolution

pinDeliver is the smart tool that revolutionizes the logistics business. With pinDeliver you move rapidly from unsorted lists to optimized routes where the drivers easily follow their digital delivery list in a mobile app.

Customer service, transportation managers and recipients can all interact in the delivery process and thus increase the efficiency over the last mile.

Don't hesitate to contact us for a demo where we can show you how easily you can get started.

  • Simple

    The cloud, the web and an app. Accessible and simple.

  • Accurate

    The right information to the right person in the right place reduces mishaps.

  • Cost-efficient

    Saves time, fuel and spares the environment. And all you need is a smartphone.

  • Staying updated

    Follow routes in real time and keep track of traceability.

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Team pinDeliver

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Patrik Thelandersson
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Richard Robertsson
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Jeremy Danner
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