About pinDeliver

pinDeliver is a delivery system for activities that want the best possible precision in their deliveries, reduce costly transportation time while also providing all parties with the most up-to-date information that is available with respect to delivery times.

We do not administer transportation, we safeguard deliveries


pinDeliver is a simple tool for route optimization, communication and follow-up of deliveries. pinDeliver is easy to integrate into an existing system and requires no complicated educations. In principle anyone can jump into the car and deliver.


With pinDeliver’s automatic route optimization you get predictable deliveries and accuracy in your planning. New information is created based on how the routes progress and the risk of misunderstanding and wasted journeys is reduced.



Optimized routes also entail shorter journeys, which saves both time and fuel and spares the environment. Deviation management occurs in real time and reduces the time for administration and post-deviation reporting. And all the drivers need is a smartphone.


Keeping abreast

pinDeliver allows you to keep abreast of your delivery process and you can communicate more precise delivery times to your customers. Customer service, transporter and recipient are continually informed of what happens along the way and it becomes easy to answer the question of whether delivery has occurred.